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Bölməmizin 3-cü kurs tələbəsi Məlahət Məhərrəmova.....

Mən, Məhərrəmova Məlahət Qafqaz Universiteti 3-cü kurs tələbəsiyəm. İxtisasım Dövlət və Bələdiyy

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Our master's student in the Czech Republic...

Mr. Elvin Mansimov Master, the senior student at the department of Public Administration at Qafqaz University has won a

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Our teacher in the Czech Republic...

Mr Yusifov Sabuhi Phd, the senior lecturer at thedepertment of Public Administration at Qafqaz University and Head ofthe

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Since the forms of nation-state have become dominant political system in the 20th century , the discipline of Public Administration has gained a great importance as a discipline of treatise. The primary reason why this discipline has been gaining importance is that the importance and responsibilities of State as an organization providing public service have increased and therefore it has become necessary to approach academically towards this discipline.

Therefore, the developments regarding Public Administration and Administrative Law in the continental European countries followed an analogous way in the scientific management of Anglo-Saxon countries.

In addition, the political concepts, which have been gaining importance in terms of Public Administration within the framework of Democracy and Localization, have had a great influence on the development of the discipline.

The increase of State’s central and economic role has led to new research areas in the discipline of Public Administration , and  Economics and Finance have become the areas that this discipline has been focusing.

In this framework, the image created with respect to this discipline is something of Interdisciplinary.

The wide scope of this discipline does not enable the students to become specialized in one area, rather it endows them with the skill of knowledge and grasp focused on different areas of State. 

Our Students have been contributing to the society by increasing their knowledge and experience they gained out of this comprehensive program in the management and administration positions of Azerbaijan’s public and private sectors.

Wish you success in your efforts,

Ass. Prof. Adalet İbadov

Department Head   

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